Custom Orders

Make your tournament, organization, or business stand out even more with your own personalized Prodigy Disc custom hot stamped golf discs.

You can choose from a variety of stamp colours, as well as stamp size and placement, to make your order truly unique.

Your order may be eligible for the Prodigy Sponsorship Program! Check out the Prodigy Sponsorship Program for more information.


Custom Hot Stamp - 1 Colour - 5" Max Stamp Size


Plastic TypePrice (Per Disc)
300 Plastic $11.70 each
400 Plastic $13.10 each
400 Plastic Spectrum $16.00 each
400G Plastic $14.85 each
400G Plastic Spectrum $17.85 each
500 Plastic $14.85 each
500 Plastic Spectrum $17.85 each
750 Plastic $15.15 each
750 Plastic Spectrum $18.15 each
750G Plastic $16.50 each
750G Plastic Spectrum $19.50 each
We offer custom stamping most of our available discs and plastics. There is a 5 disc model minimum and a 50 disc order minimum for custom stamping.

Note: All Custom Disc Pricing is in CND Dollars


Custom Order Fees

  • Set-up: CND$135
  • Re-order: CND$50
  • Shipping: cost varies
Additional fees may be applied for multi-foil stamps, expedited processing, or upgraded shipping.

Custom Order Details

dis quantity 50 disc minimum order & 5 disc model minimum.

lead time icon Please allow for a 3-4 week lead time on your custom order.

important icon Most current Prodigy Disc models are available for Custom Hot Stamping.


Prodigy Spectrum Line discs feature our proprietary processing technique to produce a myriad of beautiful colour combinations and patterns; each unique, and every one more amazing than the last. We guarantee that you will be wowed, every time you open the box. Prodigy Spectrum Line discs are produced in 400, 400G and 750G plastic and are available for custom orders to tournament directors, parks and recreation departments, disc golf clubs and teams to use for events and fundraising. Each box of 100 discs contains so many different variations that you will be sure to satisfy any and all type of buyers. The Prodigy Spectrum Line is available for custom discs only, with top or bottom stamp options available.

Ready to get started?

Email our Custom Coordinator, Idris, a completed disc selection sheet along with your black and white artwork to get your custom order started:

Have questions regarding a Custom Hot Stamp order?
Feel free to call our Custom Coordinator at 706-671-1210 or email Idris at custom@prodigy­