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We are pleased to announce the launch of Prodigy Disc Canada. We look forward to providing our Canadian customers with great products and great customer service, delivered to you directly from Canada. At Prodigy Canada we offer all the products that you need to set up and play disc golf.

Prodigy Disc was founded by World Champion disc golfers who strive to inject innovation into the sport. Our original mission was to develop a more consistent range of “golf discs”. We set out to create and produce discs that would offer longer flight and improved accuracy amongst players of all skill levels and throwing power.

In 2013, after 2 years of successful testing, Prodigy Disc introduced a line of discs to the harshest critics - the highest ranked players in the world. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we have since surpassed what we originally set out to do. Prodigy Disc now produces a popular and diverse selection of discs from Distance Drivers to Putt & Approach discs that allow players to perform their best on every shot, and in every situation. We now sponsor over 150 players, including some of the highest ranked players in the world.

Prodigy Disc has continued to push the boundaries of what defines a modern disc golf manufacturer, expanding into forward-thinking equipment, accessories, events and course design. We offer high-quality, innovative disc golf targets, bags, and accessories alongside our discs. Our latest venture, Prodigy Apparel, has utilized athlete insights in collaboration with seasoned sportswear designers to create performance apparel engineered specifically to the technical needs of disc golfers.

Prodigy Team

We are pleased to have

Women’s US Open and Players Cup Champion Catrina Allen

National Tour Champion Cale Leiviska

National Tour Champion Paul Ulibarri

3X US Open Champion Will Schusterick

2012 Women's European Champion Ragna Bygde

2011 Finnish Champion Seppo Paju

Seven times Japan National Champ Manabu Kajiyama

2015 PDGA Rookie of the Year, Chris Dickerson